Play All Year-Round


5 indoor courts

Climate controlled

Perfect for scheduled events (e.g. leagues, training, tournament, parties, and more)

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does a player have to be a member to play in the facility?

It depends. For each court reservation or event, at least one member must be registered as a FREE guest member or Diamond member to invite other players as non-member guests. This way, the registered member will be liable for their invited non-member guests. Instructions for FREE guest member registration can be found here.

Can I bring a child to the facility to observe or play?

Yes, the registered member is fully responsible for the child's liability and safety. If the child wants to play in the facility, they can be added as a non-member guest on the reservation page or event signup page.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Cancel before 48 hours of the event starting time to receive a full refund credited automatically to your club account. Cancellations within 48 hours of the event are allowable but will NOT be refunded with one exception: if an event like Open Play or Round Robin has fewer than four registered players, club credit will be refunded. 

For selected events, arriving late by more than 15 minutes or failing to show up will result in a $15 penalty fee. 

Is there an option for purchasing membership now and paying later available?

Yes, flexible payment option is available through  

See intruction in here (  or below steps: 

1. Download the app     

2. Create an account (Once your account is set up)    

3. Search for our facility under 'Indoor Pickleball Now’

4. If you can't locate our store, you have the option to choose 'Pay Later at Any Store'

5. After selecting this option, you'll receive a virtual card with a card number, expiration date, and CVV

6. Then use this card information to make a payment in our booking system, CourtReserve

Do you have a Family Membership/Prices?

Yes, we offer a family membership option, although there isn't a specific family membership type in our system. 

Here's how the family membership works: 

1. Each individual family member registers or upgrades to a Diamond Membership through the normal payment process. 

2. Send an email to ( with IDs showing the same address. 

3. We will add a 10% credit back to each account. This credit can be used for all club reservations or events.       

For example, Jeff and Kate each purchased a Diamond membership, which costs $480 for a total of $960. Subsequently, they sent us their IDs for verification. Once confirmed, we automatically added a $48 credit to each of their accounts.

Are there any booking restrictions?

Each member is limited to book maximum of 9 hours in total per day. Additionally, members are allowed a maximum of 5 reservations per day and 7 reservations per week. Diamond members can have up to 5 outstanding bookings, while guest members are limited to 3 outstanding bookings.  

How does the 24/7 self-service pickleball check-in work?

Please see the instructional video here: 24/7 Self-Service Pickleball Check-In (

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