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Head Coach - Chrissie Cooper Hintz

Chrissie's pickleball adventure began at the 2019 Masters Tennis Tournament in Austin, where she crossed paths with PPR legend Jeff Rausch. It all clicked when Jeff guided her through the PPR certification workshop, paving the way for Chrissie to become a PPR Certified Professional Instructor.
With a tennis background spanning over 30 years, including a collegiate career at Tarleton State University, Chrissie was initially a singles player. However, her love for pickleball truly blossomed when she embraced the world of doubles, thanks to some fellow enthusiasts at the local park.
Since joining tournament play in late 2021, Chrissie has secured an impressive collection of over 27 medals, with half of them gleaming gold. Her latest triumphs include two bronze medals at the 2023 USAPA National Tournament, showcasing her skills in 4.0 35+ singles and 4.0 35+ women's doubles.
Chrissie brings two decades of coaching experience to our club, with a rich history in tennis coaching at the collegiate and high school levels. Her commitment to teaching and coaching is not just a profession; it's a part of who she is.

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